Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Telchaquillo, a traditional Mayan village

Telchaquillo is a traditional Mayan village near Mayapan. The town was neat and tidy, had a tortilla factory to visit, and a cenote to play in. Most of the villages have a colonial era Catholic church. Note where the stucco has been removed to show the beautiful, carved stones from the Mayan ruins that the church was built with. When we arrived in town, the tortilla factory was busy, so we visited it and bought some to snack on before swimming. I think this is one of my favorite foods when we are in Mexico - fresh, hot tortillas. Wiki has a nice overview of how they are still made today in southern Mexico. 

{right: dry corn ready to soak, left: corn that has been soaked in lime and skins removed}
{corn soaking in a solution of lime and water}
{after the corn is soaked, it is ground up in these machines}
{balls of cornmeal}
Photo by Jan van Ee
{tortillas coming off the machine, ready to eat!}

Photo by Jan van Ee
{Becky and John giving them a try}

In the center of the town is a cenote that we had fun swimming in.
                                                                                                                        Photo by Krystal van Ee
Photo by Jan van Ee
On the way out of town we stopped at the Cementerio Municipal. It was fascinating to see how they work. Several years after burial, the family removes the bones from the plot in the ground (often rented) and then move them it into their family owned vault. While we visited the cemetery, Papa did some plant collecting.
Photo by Jan van Ee
Photo by Jan van Ee

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