Friday, December 21, 2012

Catch of the Day

We found a great source of fish in the local town, Chicxulub. Just up from the Gulf, a man named Armando and his son Pepe, buy fish from the local fisherman in the morning, so he had a nice selection for us in the afternoon before dinner. There were quite a few cats watching and waiting. The beautiful siamese cat under the table was their little kitty, complete with a collar and bell. We grilled up the large fish for everyone that evening and it was amazing. The fresh limes from Oma's yard made it perfect.
{weighing in}
{calculating the total}
{packaging up the smaller fish, red snapper}
{filleting the large fish for us, name forgotten}
{more fish for the next customer}
{everyone waiting and watching}

While we were buying fish, everyone else was enjoying the sunset back at the beach house. 
Photo by Jan van Ee
Photo by Jan van Ee

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