Monday, October 8, 2012

Wind Cave National Park

We went on an adventure this past weekend to the southern Black Hills. This was our first visit to Wind  Cave National Park. As we arrived, I immediately enjoyed seeing the older architecture that is often at National Parks, but is absent at Mount Rushmore. The buildings date back to the 1930s and are a product of the Civilian Conservation Corps.  This park was founded in 1903, the 7th oldest national park. We checked out the visitors' center while waiting for our tour of the cave. 
{heading toward the cave}
Don, our park service guide, shows us the largest natural opening to the cave. He held up a yellow ribbon at the opening to show us how windy the cave was at the opening - air going in and out, depending on the  barometric pressure. It was surprisingly windy!
{the boxwork in the ceiling} 
{some amazing colors in the cave walls}
{bits of "popcorn" in the walls}

Above the cave live many animals, including bison that were reintroduced to the plains in 1913, starting with the grasslands of Wind Cave National Park.

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