Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Breakfast with Mark


At the beginning of the semester this fall, we began having a yummy day to look forward to. Every Wednesday, Ben and our friend Mark head out in the morning to inspect their field trip site for the course that they are co-teaching. Before leaving we have breakfast together, giving us a great excuse to catch up with each other and to have something yummy and unusual. Coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, bacon and eggs, waffles... all those things that take a bit of time and is a big change from the usual bowl of cereal or granola. I think it might be fun to start inviting you to join us, so I will try to post our "Wednesday Breakfast" every week.

{Hazelnut-Espresso Coffee Cake}

Last week we had a yummy frittata with fresh red peppers from the farm stand. This morning we had a eggs from the farm, bacon and Hazelnut-Espresso Coffee Cake from Whole Grain Baking. King Arthur Flour doesn't have this recipe up on their website, but I was able to find it at this blog. I used Hazelnut Flour from Bob's Red Mill. I made it in an angel food cake pan since I don't have a bundt pan. It was great and sure to wake us up this morning! Mark brought over a large pancake, similar to a dutch baby, but not quite as puffy. It was great and Pieter ate it like pizza with his hands. A sure hit!

Here are my two dutch babies!

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