Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Breakfast ~ Apple Challah

{Apple Challah}
{homemade strawberry jam from our time in Michigan}
Yesterday I was pondering what to make for our breakfast with Mark and I found a nice recipe for Apple and Honey Challah on Smitten Kitchen. I liked the idea of using up some of the apples I have sitting in the garage from our apple trees. I also thought the braided mound looked pretty cool. But, I wasn't so keen on using 100% bread flour, so I pulled out my Whole Wheat Challah recipe from Whole Grain Baking and added in the apples to that recipe. I let it rise last night, shaped it and then stuck in the fridge. At 3AM I took it out and let it rise until 6AM. Just about perfect, but I am a bit yawny... 


  1. You are pretty dedicated to get up at 3 am to cook!

  2. Just for a minute and then back to bed until 6!


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