Thursday, October 11, 2012

Restoring Cast Iron

Surprisingly, I don't run across cast iron very often at thrift stores. A couple weeks ago I found a set of three from the Martha Stewart Everyday collection. I recalled a post I had found via Pinterest on reconditioning and re-seasoning cast iron cookware. I scooped up the pans and bought some oven cleaner on our walk home. And the results were just as I had hoped for!
{as is from the thrift store}

{after one week of being wrapped in plastic bag with oven cleaner 
and a soak in vinegar to remove the rust}

{after being seasoned with homemade lard}


  1. I've got a cast iron griddle that needs this treatment. Good to know it works.

  2. It was surprisingly easy and gratifying on how well they came out. I have an old Griswold dutch oven that I need to do next. Let me know how the griddle comes out!


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