Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1880 Train

On our way to camping in the Southern Hills, we stopped at the 1880 Train in Hill City. Pieter got to have a quick look at it on that snowy morning, but we had to keep on going without a ride. Well, a week later on this past Friday morning I was thinking about it and realized that they would be closing down for winter and we only had three days left to go for a ride, so I packed up the kids in the car and we had a Friday full of unexpected adventuring. 
As we headed out of Hill City toward Keystone, we were told that the train uses 1400 gallons of used motor oil for one round trip, a total of two hours. While it is great that used oil is consumed, it sure is not a very environmentally friendly way to travel! Pieter was surprised at how noisy the train was and at the occasional stinky smoke from the engine. It was a beautiful route, going through open fields and ponderosa pine forests. We saw lots of deer and turkeys on our trip.

{smoke from the breaks}

And a happy Friday it was!

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