Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hot Chocolate

It cooled down here over the weekend, cold enough that a cup of hot chocolate was in order. We pulled out our chocolate from Mexico that Oma brought to us on her visit this summer. The chocolate comes in discs made of bitter chocolate, sugar, cinnamon and nuts. Here is a nice article on it. We put it into a pan with yummy farm milk and whisked it up with our molinillo. Pieter really enjoyed doing it for the first time. Now, we just need a traditional chocolate pot to make this in. Oma, perhaps on your next visit you can squeeze it into your suitcase?


  1. It is definitely cooling down in SW Colorado. Love it!

  2. Oh yes - Hot chocolate weather is here now.
    Love your purple lace - what a lovely gift. xx

  3. Love that you let Pieter help and stirr the pot. He is getting so big! It has been cool here in Madison WI - we have two nights this week with a frost advisory.


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