Monday, August 22, 2011


PatternCladonia by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham
Needles: US 8

This pattern proved to be an easy first shawl for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. It held my attention enough to finish it in two weeks, with lots of time to spare in the Summer Shawl KAL deadline. I definitely plan on making some more things by Kirsten. I can't wait til the Nefertem shawl come out this October.

A few notes on the shawl
:: Being a complete newbie to shawls, I had no idea about the garter stitch beginning to shawls. I found a good tutorial here

:: I use Judy's Magic Cast On for toe-up socks, but, was confused by the pattern directions for using it in the provisional cast on - I finally figured out that you should cast on 6 stitches, not 3, and then put the bottom needle’s three stitches onto a holder, knit the garter stitch rectangle with the top three, and then pick up the bottom three stiches as the last of the 10 sts around the gtr st rectangle.

:: I was doing m1R incorrectly and getting large holes on those increases. Fixed that problem by knitting in the front correctly.

:: I appreciated Kirsten using a chart and written directions for the lace pattern. How great are patterns that aren't mass produced!

:: Thanks to a Ravelry friend, Becky, for the 3rd skein of yarn!

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