Friday, August 12, 2011

Bear Gulch

{Bunchberry, Cornus canadensis}
Yesterday we explored Bear Gulch in search of plants and had a beautiful hike. Soon after we started a thunderstorm blew threw and brought the customary hail for this area. We huddled under a tree with our hats on, but I still got a welt on my forehead from one tough piece. 
We snacked on thimbleberry along the way down the deep gulch and back up the other side. It was nice to find such a lush place in the Black Hills that normally seems so dry and dominated by Ponderosa Pine trees. Here the birch trees and herbaceous understory filled in around a spring fed creek that filled the gulch. 
{Thimbleberry, Rubus parviflorus}
{Pinedrops, Pterospora}


  1. That fungus looks a bit like a Gyromytra. (G. esculenta is a common species.)

    Great pics!

  2. Beautiful pics Missy!


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