Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Cherry picking in northern Michigan reminds me of the story books I read as a child, with all the trees lined up just so. Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House is one that sticks out in my memory. The cherries, bursting with color on the trees, overlook the many lakes of the area. We filled up two buckets (27 pounds!) with sour cherries and headed back to the market building for the pitting.
When the pitting process got a little slow for P, he got to have the most fun of the day - tractors!
Now to make some cherry pies!


  1. OMG Pieter is getting so big! Damn cute too :-)

  2. 1. Tractors are awesome
    2. Family fruit picking is awesome
    3. Mmmmmm sour cherries!

    Miss you guys tons!


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