Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Horn Mountains

We went on P's first camping trip this past week with our friend Mary to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. What an amazing place this is. We decided to go to Tensleep Canyon where it was a bit warmer, instead of higher up in the snowy mountains. This was our first view of the canyon. 
We camped right next to two roaring rivers, Tensleep Creek and Leigh Creek, full of snow melt. We could see the rocks in the river had lichen on them, showing just how high the water level was. Mary is the person to go camping with - she made us some lovely fires in the shadow of the limestone cliffs. We found a great campsite that wasn't too close to the creek and managed to keep P corralled for the most part. 
He loved his sleeping bag!
Here are some pictures of a hike we went on. We saw many wildflowers, to be seen next time.
His first plant collection?


  1. Missy, looks like a lot of fun. : )

  2. What a gorgeous spot to camp! I am jealous that you got to go camping with Mary! How fun :)


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