Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Change Trousers

Pattern: Quick Change Trousers, Anna Maria Horner, Handmade Beginnings
Fabric: Gifted flannel and Baobab Flannel by 2 mod moms, RJR Fabrics
Size: 18-24 months

When I saw these trousers on Soule Mama's blog (summer pants and winter pants) I knew that I needed to start sewing. I bought Handmade Beginnings and worked up the courage to give them a try. I used red and blue flannel that my mom sent to me (thank you, Mom!) and they didn't take that long to do. They came out so well that I made a second pair in Baobab flannels that I found at the Bakery Fabrics. My only modification was to follow Meg's directions for adding some extra room for cloth diapers.

PJ should get lots of use out of these as they are pretty long. Making reversible trousers in flannel have created the perfect cosy clothing for our "spring" here in South Dakota. Now I need to make some out of cotton for the summer that I know must be coming.


  1. Very nice and snazzy trousers indeed! love them.


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