Monday, April 4, 2011

Mato Paha

Mato Paha is the Lakota name for this dark mountain in the plains, just north of the Black Hills. This place has religious significance to the Lakota and the Cheyenne people and now is called Bear Butte State Park. It is not far from the town of Sturgis and is quite impressive from the distance, measuring in at 4,426 feet in elevation. We hiked up the Summit Trail on Saturday in 70 degree weather! The day couldn't have been any nicer. Here are a few pictures of this beautiful place.
{the beginning of the Centennial Trail}
{Pieter running down the trail, probably for about 1/4 mile}
{prayer bundle~arrowhead}
{checking out the lichen - note the burned trees in the background from the 1996 fire}
{plants trying to reestablish after the fire - a Ponderose Pine seedling}
{Louisiana broomrape, Orobanche ludoviciana}
{prayer bundles}
{false fossil}
{so much lichen}

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