Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Pattern: Steggie, The Pull-Along Dino, Caitlin Bell, One-Yarn Wonders
Fabric: Frolic Squares Daffodil, Sandy Gervais

Steggie the Dino arrived in the world this evening. While I have found sewing to be a bit harder than knitting (all those straight lines and cutting just so), it really does go fast. Steggie only took two evenings to make. And even better, I had all the materials from a previous project to make it. I found both the frolic fabric and the wool blend felt at Dakota Quilt Company, a lovely quilting store owned and operated by Kim Ellis, in the Northern Black Hills. Steggie is all natural, complete with wool roving for fill. This little creature is a birthday gift for a friend of P's. I just might have to make another one for him!


  1. This is so adorable Missy! Just love the colors!

  2. Oh he's awfully cute! P definitely needs one!

  3. Now you see my issue with sewing- how I love hand-stitching much better- and knitting :/ I tie too many knots...
    super cute!


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