Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sparkle in the Hills

Life seemed a bit dull (still winter here!) and in need of some sparkle. So my friend Eve, Pieter and I set out for some fun in the Northern Black Hills. The hills are so beautiful, no matter what season it is. We meandered our way through the hills towards the twin cities of Deadwood and Lead. Calamity Jane left her mark on the area, with little bits like Calamity Gulch Lane and her grave site in Mount Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood where her boyfriend, Wild Bill Hickok was buried.
Oh, how great it felt to get out in the sun and see all the Ponderosa Pines reaching up to the sky. The chickadees and nuthatches were calling and flitting about in the trees. It truly felt like spring might be around the corner.
Have you noticed that cemeteries always have the most fabulous lichens? Last spring my friend Gen and  I went on an adventure to Harrisville, New Hampshire to see the home of Harrisville Designs (oh, how I love that yarn!) I don't think you can find a more iconic New England town than Harrisville. Check out Gen's pictures from the trip! Here are a couple from May 2010. How has my little boy grown so quickly?

{Come back tomorrow for a bit on the antiques and chocolate that we found in the hills}


  1. What a charmer. If I remember correctly he was interested in my lunch that day... which was before he was eating anything solid. I also remember him charming everyone in the spot we had lunch.

  2. Wow--what a doll of a son you have. Despite his over all image seeming to be his father, his smile is like yours:) He is certainly growing up!! Love to you all--


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