Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Ash Eve

We shall have meat.
Yes we should have,
Yes we should have.

The cheek of hen,
Two bits of barley,
That would do us,
That would do us.

We shall have mead,
We shall have beer,
We shall have wine,
We shall have a feast.
We shall have sweetness and milk treats,
Honey and milk,
Wholesome brose,
Plenty of that,
Plenty of that.

We shall have hand harp,
We shall have pedal harp,
We shall have lute,
We shall have horn.
We shall have sweet psaltery
Of the melody strings,
And the queenly lyre
Of the songs we shall have,
Of the songs we shall have.

Calm fair Brigid will be with us,
Gentle Mary Mother will be with us.
Michael the Chief,
Of the glancing swords,
And the King of Kings
And Jesus Christ,
And the Spirit of peace
And of grace will be with us,
Of grace will be with us.

-Quern Blessing

A song sung while hand-grinding meal between quern stones in the Western Islands of Scotland, documented by Alexander Carmichael in 1865.

Carmichael, A. (1992). Carmina gadelica
Edinburgh, Scotland: Floris Books

Jones, N. (1994). Power of raven wisdom of serpent
Edinburgh, Scotland: Floris Books.

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