Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free range boy

Last week spring arrived at our home. With the snow melted and most of the deer poo picked up from the backyard (thank you, Papa) we let P loose. He loves it! This is his first walking around the yard in his life. He loves helping us rake and especially likes playing with a shovel in the compost pile. We are having to keep a very close eye on him because he can now climb up the stairs to the slide, which he loves zooming down, and can climb on the swings all by himself, as he did above. If he sees his outside shoes, he grabs them and brings them to the door and starts exclaiming and gesturing to us that it is time to go out. This happened before breakfast, so Papa grabbed his coffee and went outside with Peeps for an early morning jaunt. 

Now, if only those wonderful spring temperatures will come back! We'd love to get outside again!


  1. He´s such a delight!

  2. I'm gonna come visit you. It's a must. Maybe June? What are your summer plans?

  3. I'm kinda mad at myself because I'm wrapping up spring break here and I just wanted to DRIVE and see something new...but I played it lazy. I've got a 10 day -mid June break and then I've got a month off from mid August to mid September off. Anyhoo- keep me posted!

  4. Hey Casey, I jus sent you an email to your hotmail address about summer plans. Did you get it?


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