Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wyoming in the winter

A friend of ours was visiting last week, so we went on a winter adventure to Wyoming to see Devils Tower.  On the way is the little place called Aladdin with a old country store. It was fun to see and reminded me of the country stores in New England. Upstairs held some antiques and I found a crock for my sourdough (more on that later). We continued on and saw a juvenile bald eagle eating a deer carcass (I'm abstaining from putting that picture up for the faint of heart).
The prairie dog town was blanketed with snow and quiet without a peep. On top of the snow covered town was a beautiful porcupine making its way across the field. Up at the tower porcupines have chewed the bark off of many of the Ponderosa pines for their winter food (see a picture of this from our fall trip). Every time we visit this place I am amazed at the beautiful lichen. 
{A great family shot curtsey of Stacey}
{Snow falling and starting to obscure the tower}


  1. Love the pics Missy!That one of the porcupine is fantastic. Like the Golden Eagle one too. They usually fly off before I can get a pic. I like Wyoming, it is a beautiful state. There is another town up there called "Crazy Woman" I passed on the way back from a wedding. I should really stop there sometime...

  2. The Devil's Tower is incredible!

    I have also been admiring the beautiful old weathered boards in the second photo - so much character!


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