Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter reprieve

We have now had five days of 50-60 degree weather! We just can't get enough of it. Pieter and I have been out on many walks these past few days. Today we walked along the creek and soaked in all the sunshine we could.  The creek has lost it's ice and snow and is flowing fast from all the snow melt in the hills. A few windows open at home are letting in fresh air and the furnace is shut down. But, reality is coming tomorrow in the form of 35 degrees. In the meantime, we are loving it!
{Ponderosa Pine, Pinus Ponderosa}
PS: the bark smells like butterscotch!


  1. Lucky you! We just keep getting snow snow and more snow.

  2. Mmmm butterscotch! Mmmm adorable!

    We're having a mini-thaw as well, though we're dropping right back down with flurries Sunday and Monday.


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