Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warm feet

I've started going to the rec center to exercise in the morning before Ben leaves for work. That leaves the boys alone to greet the day, which means it always is a surprise (to me) how P will be dressed. This one was too good to not share with you. Papa's only comment was "Well, I didn't want his feet to get cold."

Some have to rely on nature to provide warm feet during these cold winters. Simba, our Norwegian Forest Cat, braved the zero degree temperatures this afternoon.
The deer make their appearance every night in our backyard, checking out the compost for any goodies and the ground beneath the bird feeder for seed.  Below are their tracks on the left. Simba's are on the right as he strolls down to the spruce tree.  
On his way back up to the house, he makes a mad dash and bounds like a cheetah. Check out those prints on the right, crossing over the deer tracks. Not bad for an 18 year old cat!


  1. Can't stop laughing!!!!!!!

  2. Cold feet are the worst... and fuzzy slippers and dinosaurs are the best. He'll get there. Pants are overrated.


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