Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Longies for winter

Have you ever seen a cuter kid? I certainly am biased, but just look at those blue eyes! This is Papa's wardrobe pick for this morning. P is ready for a warm summer day of haying in the field.

I had some trouble deciding on my next knit. Yes, I've got some UFOs in the closet, but I'd really wanted to start something new, that is quick and fun. As we begin to reach the other end of the winter, I realized that I still haven't knit any longies for Pieter. I couldn't decide between Pimp My Longies and Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Leggings, so I decided that I should do both. I'm starting with Pimp My Longies (how could I not with a name like that?) with some beautiful green Cascade 220 yarn that Gen sent my way recently. 

1 comment:

  1. Maybe it's just that Ben can't figure out/get the little man to hold still long enough to get more than one article of clothing on him...

    Glad the yarn is going to be for something fun!


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