Monday, February 21, 2011

Authentic Apron

Pattern: Blue Stem Apron, Blue Stem Studios
Fabric: Authentic by Sweetwater for Moda

Now that Cobblestone is off my back, ahem, finished, I can work on some quick projects. I just love this fabric - the color and design is perfect. The pattern was very easy, especially for a beginner like myself.  

I found the fabric at The Bakery Fabrics, a wonderful little gem in the Northern Black Hills, owned and operated by Anni Albright.  You can find her on Facebook and Ebay. Blue Stem Studios, run by Paula Ensz, is also based in the 1927 brick building that housed Tri-State Bakery for many years. Next time I visit I'll bring my camera to give you a peek at this neat old building!


  1. Excellent! A new knit/sew shop opened in Cambridge. Perhaps it is time for me to learn to sew as well!

  2. Very nice. I have an apron that style and use it lots! Mine is actually for gardening (potting and stuff) but it works great for "growing" our meals at night. Sewing is very therapeutic. What's your snow # ? Ours started to melt but we're having a wee bit this a.m.

  3. @Aunt Bev - After a wonderfully warm week, the temperature dropped and the snow came yesterday. I would really like spring, but it is quite beautiful outside now!

  4. Perfect pinny - I love the fabric too. Every year i say I need to make an apron with big enough pockets to take a mason jar each, for harvesting the blackcurrants. This could be the very pattern.
    Love the sweater below - hourglass next maybe?

  5. The apron looks great! I love the fabric you selected. You've been busy lately! The sweater is amazing. I really wish I knew how to knit.


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