Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The mountains in winter

Pieter and I got out for a walk in the hills yesterday. The rusty colored soil that shapes the mountains has disappeared under the snow. The Ponderosa pine trees stand stoically even with a heavy snow coating their branches. It is amazing how much seasons change a landscape. Here is the same place in the summer.

I've been busy knitting a sweater for Ben. I have been wanting to do this pattern, Cobblestone, by NYC designer Jared Flood, for quite a while.  I knit the body up to the arms before admitting that it was just too small and I needed to go up a size. So, I ripped out sixteen inches of knitting, but it now is just right. Ben always reminds me when I rip anything out that this is a hobby and I get twice the enjoyment out of the yarn. Hmm... I guess so? I really started the sweater because I fell in love with Pebble, a child's vest paying homage to Cobblestone.  The yarn that seemed to be best for Pebble was some handspun llama that Ben brought back from Argentina, but I couldn't in good conscience break up the seven skeins when that is enough for a sweater. So, I started Cobblestone with it and am hoping that when it is done I will have enough for a vest, as well.  It is a mystery as I have no idea how many yards these skeins contain. Maybe one day I'll have a yarn meter. Oh, gagets are fun!  


  1. The mountains look incredible! You could make post cards of them in different seasons!

    Can't wait to see more of the sweater, and both your fellas will look great in that brown!

  2. I know folks who work with a lot of handspun and they have never bought a yardage counter either. Instead, check out the weights on the yarn called for in the pattern. You can usually find the info if you check the yarn profile in Ravelry. Then multiple by the amount called for and weigh your yarn to see if you've got what you need. That's the method I use! How lucky to have all sorts of cool handspun from foreign lands! -Carrie


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