Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I solemnly swear

I solemnly swear to never smile, laugh at or enjoy another little one's haircut again.  I just didn't want to cut his hair, for I knew that he would look forever different.  Well, after his Oma "encouraging" me to cut it, I finally caved. His bangs just kept hanging in his eyes.  It is not easy to cut a wiggle boy's hair!


  1. Ed keeps pestering me to get Jacob's hair cut! No way!!!! Not yet!!! Just want to hold on a little bit longer.....

  2. lol T's had 3 already.
    P looks great, more grown up I think :)

  3. Looks good. I too hated cutting my boys hair that first time. Now I have one who likes it short and one who likes it long.

  4. He's adorable as always. Boy do I miss you guys. The first haircut is a right of passage... for all of you! Congrats!


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