Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting the Day

I have been enjoying listening to Michael Card's Sleep Sound in Jesus, Platinum edition.  It has been a while since I've listened to Card's music and I am reminded how great his songwriting is.  When I remember, Pieter and I start out our day listening to "Morning Prayer."

Morning Prayer
We wanted to give you this morning, Lord
We wanted to give You this day
Thanks for the Son
And His light in our hearts
There are so many things we need to say

As we look to a new day to spend with you
It's exciting to see what it means
That You would choose us
And use us
And call us Your own
That You love us and give us a new song to sing

In order to give You the whole of the day
We must give You this first special part
The sun as it rises reminds us You
A day without You's
Like a day in the dark

We wanted to give You this morning Lord
We wanted to give You this day

{Photo: Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, 2005}

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