Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ending the Day

Another favorite of mine from Michael Card's Sleep Sound in Jesus is A Song For The Night. I love the wonder of the world in it and remember the prayers of my childhood when I would say good night to everything I could think of (any way to prolong bedtime?)

A Song For The Night
Like a warm woolen blanket
The dark wraps around
As we cuddle together
And hear all the sounds
Of the night as it's falling
And coming to be
Now look with your ears
Not your eyes, and you'll see

Good night to the trees
So majestic and strong
Good night to the birds
With their wonderful songs
Good night to the planets
That wander above
Good night to a universe
Alive with Your love

The sounds of the night
Are the notes of a song
So secret and sacred
So beautifully strong
In the air there's an echo
A whisper and a prayer
And though He's not seen
Still the Singer is there

So good night to creation
To the bright shining stars
Good night to the moon
Faithful witness you are
Good night to the world
As it hurtles through space
Good night to the wonder
In your shining face

With all that is waiting
The sights and the sounds
Your wondrous world
Like a merry-go-round
Is it any wonder
It's so hard to sleep
While outside You're playing
Your own hide-and-seek

{Photo: On December 20, there was a beautiful halo around the moon. So hard to capture.}

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  1. Yes that was really my handwriting :) Just a little skill I have, lol.


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