Friday, December 10, 2010


We celebrated Pieter's birthday this week.  365 days, four seasons, 12 full moons, one trip around the sun.  Who knew that such a happy child would come into our life. I love him so much. And so does his Papa.

I made his first balls - knit and felted balls from the book Knitting for Baby.
And he loves his clacking crocodile from Nova Natural Toys & Crafts. This will be lots of fun to pull around now that he is walking.
And of course he is ready to take on his first sorter from Audrey and Mark.
But most of all, he loves his kitty from Grandpa and Grandma that looks just like his big bro, Simba. If only Simba knew then, what he knows now.
Friends from Cambridge called to wish him Happy Birthday. We miss you all so much!
Oma and Opa called to watch him eat Coconut Cake!
Happy First Birthday, Pieter!  We are so glad you are here. 


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Pieter! I can't believe it's been a whole year since first meeting you that wintery day in the hospital. You are the most adorable one year old I know. Sending lots of love from Cambridge! xo

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday from Bellingham! Have a wonderful winter.

  3. Happy Birthday Pieter!!! Looks like you had a fab birthday. Grandpa and Grandma were so smart to get you your very own Simba! Now Simba can go everywhere :)

  4. Happy birthday, Pieter. Cool shot glass there! William

  5. We've found that the shot glass is the perfect size for Pieter's drinking glass! Who knew?

  6. Ohh I love his birthday It was a fantastic day, I was so happy . I love the photos

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful 1st Birthday Pieter! Jacob is looking forward to making a trip out someday to visit his best bud! xoxo

  8. Happy birthday Pieter! We hope that you have a fantastic new year of life with many many blessings to fill it.
    Love your Cousins, Carey, Matt, Esther and Naomi and the pup Wes. :-) <3

  9. Happy belated birthday to Pieter...what a great blogspot! Thanks for sharing.


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