Sunday, December 19, 2010

A new way to wrap

Fabric gift bags are the first project made with my new sewing machine. How fun and what a great thing for this world with limited resources.  While it is a lot of fun to wrap with sparkly paper and curl all that ribbon, this is also pretty satisfying to reuse these bags year after year.  This weekend I am sewing up some bags to give and then I'll have to create a stash of gift bags to keep in our home.  It really is pretty simple. See Soule Mama for a tutorial.


  1. I've been wrapping presents in unfinished sewing projects and old curtains for a couple of years now. Have to use clear packing tape, though, not scotch tape. It's very satisfying every year to look under the tree and think, "Replacing those bedroom curtains was a really smart move." I also enjoy the quizzical looks on guests faces.


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