Friday, December 10, 2010


I've really been enjoying sewing again.  It just isn't in our budget right now to buy one, so I have been fortunate enough to borrow a machine from a friend.  This afternoon I received a phone call from the quilt store in town where I purchased material to make the birthday garland and quilt. A stranger overheard that I didn't have a machine and brought one in that they were not using to give me! How amazing is that! It makes me wonder how I can be generous to someone this Christmas season. What a great way to celebrate the birth of Christ.


  1. Awesome!!! I love RAK`s!! Happy sewing!

  2. How blessed you are! I was without a machine for several months and recently was given one and then as spoiled as I am my mom dropped hers off for me to use- her machine is my fav! Now to sew!

  3. hey, Missie--Pieter finally looks like you too!! What a doll:) What a great hat--can you send me the pattern for it? I could probably figure it out, but it would be easier to just have a pattern. Love to all of you. Oh, when I lived in London for a year, I could walk to Kew Gardens (an hour walk) right along the Thames from where I lived on the west side. Or get a bus. I just loved it there, and would often study there, or just go with friends to look at the indoor plants. Next time we are in London for more than a day, it will be a priority again:)

  4. Hi Susanna,
    The pattern for the Toasty Topper is here:


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