Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Eden Project

Is it really only ten days until Christmas? A little peppermint bark should help revive my knitting hands. I've never made this before and WOW! I will never eat store bought again! This Bon Apetit recipe is a keeper. For any Tatems reading this, this beautiful candy dish was great grandma Floy's.

In Part II of my look back at England, here are some lush pictures from the Eden Project, an amazing botanic garden in an old china clay pit mine in Cornwall. I like their description about what goes on a the Eden Project: what we do. For James Bond lovers, the 2002 film Die Another Day was filmed here. If I lived in Cornwall, this would be the place I would be working at! When Chris and I visited in 2002, it was just one year old, so the plants are not quite as grown in as they would be now.
The Outdoor Gardens were incredibly vibrant and fun. Fields of lavender...

There are two conservatories, Rainforest and Mediterranean, that make a caterpillar like construction.
Inside the Mediterranean Biome, grape vines and olive trees were dominant and the sculptures were amazing.
The Rainforest Biome must be beautiful today. It had lots of space to grow into when we saw it.  As you moved through the conservatory, art was tucked away in places to surprise you.
After seeing many botanical gardens, the Eden Project has a very special focus on education. They strive to teach people about where their food comes from and about other cultures. The Malaysian Hut in the Tropical Biome is a great example.
I hope you can make it to the Eden Project some day!

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