Monday, October 11, 2010

Devils Tower

{Our first view of Devils Tower}
{Prairie Dog Town at the base of Devils Tower}
Devils Tower is a draw to many climbers. Most days you can see quite a few people going up. The first technical climb was done in 1937 in five hours. The record climb is 18 minutes by the late Wyoming native Todd Skinner in a free climb. Every time I look up at this massive tower I am amazed that someone could do that, especially since the normal climb for most people is 4-6 hours.  I really enjoyed reading a story about the first women technical climb. The hexagonal columns of rock (phonolite porphyry) are massive. Those that fell surround the tower's base in a field of boulders.
{Amazing lichen}
{View of the surrounding land}
{Porcupine browse}
{Prayer bundle}
{Botanizing with Papa}

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