Monday, October 20, 2014

Surfing at Dogmans Beach

{Melissa and Jojo paddling for another wave}

{uncovering some driftwood}

{the kids loved playing with these hermit crabs}

{the girls enjoying some Cardamon Streusel Coffee Cake}

We've been so fortunate to find a small playgroup with some other moms in Rincon. It has been really nice to get to know other people in the area. One amazing mama that we've met is Melissa, owner of Puntas Surf School. She and her partner Nolan took us, and another family that we've met through the playgroup, out surfing yesterday at Dogmans Beach. This was a first for both Ben and I. It was so great to get out there are get over the fear of it. While I never stood up on the board, I had a few nice rides on the waves. And the paddling. Oh, the paddling. What a workout! I tried keeping up and Melissa, in her second trimester, was would give me a push and even pulled me along for a little bit. She is amazing! And what wonderful instructors Melissa and Nolan are! Before we even made it home our ribs were hurting and my shoulders sure did protest this morning. I looked at Ben this morning over breakfast and asked him where he was sore. He responded with "where am I not?" That about sums it up! My thought on the matter was that I am so glad I'm not a tourist and I don't have to go out and do it again today. A bit of a rest before the next outing is good thing. 

While we took turns out in the water, the kids had a great time playing. We watched pelican, after pelican, dive into the water head first for fish. Sand castles with moats were made to trap some hermit crabs. Scampering and exploring around the rocks with friends. It was a great day at the beach!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Punta Cadena

Last Sunday we visited Sandy Beach again, but the waves were just too rough for us. I got swamped a couple of times while holding the kids and lost my sunglasses (but found them again). So, this week we decided to head south Almendras beach where we had been before and found it very flat. Well, we got there and the entire parking lot was full of film crew vans. Something was happening. So we headed south and found Punta Cadena. We only had to share this stretch of beach with another couple for a little bit and then had it to ourselves for the afternoon. It was the perfect mix of sand for the kids to play in and rocks for finding fish and other little creatures.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sandy Beach

We explored a new beach today, Sandy Beach, just down from the hill from our friends' house, Cassie and Britton. They said it would be nice if the waves weren't too big. Winter is coming, so we have to go to all these beaches now that get big waves in the winter. Juliana is proving to be our water girl, as long as she gets a ride with her Papa. Pieter decided to bring a few of his diggers today and they both loved using the bulldozer. We had to dash to the car as the afternoon storm came rolling in. We stopped at a coffee shop for the first time since we moved to Puerto Rico. There is a nice place called BD Cafe just up from the beach. After cooling off in the ocean and popping into the air conditioning, the kids were very excited about hot chocolate!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Playing at the Balneario

We've been enjoying going to the beach after church while we are up in Rincon. Today we went to the Balneario. It is a great beach. On the weekend it isn't as quiet, though, with lots of music, but there are some wonderful showers for post-beach clean up. While Daddy and Juliana swam in the water, Pieter recreated Laura Ingalls Wilder's dugout!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Steps Beach

We made it to Steps Beach, just north of Rincon. It is supposed to be a great snorkeling spot, with lots of coral. That made it a bit harder of a swimming spot for the kids, with the old coral making up most of the beach. It is really beautiful to have the land along the beach undeveloped. The cows had the nicest view!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

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