Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Plaza Colón at Dusk

{Cristóbal Colón}

Last night we drove down to the Plaza for a walk after dinner with Mary. No visit to Mayaguez is complete without seeing these beautifully restored buildings.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coffee, Chickens and a Museum in the Mountains of Mayaguez

We love going to visit Mis Abuelos Coffee Farm in Mayaguez. It is just a short drive up into the mountains from our home. We brought Mary so she could see a small finca in action. And, oh, those chickens! This beautiful woman comes out with some bread or rice and sings to the chickens. They come running at the sound and then the kids start feeding them. I've never seen such a gentle rooster before. After buying some coffee we headed over to the Eugenio María de Hostos Museum, also up in the mountains of Mayaguez. This man was a pretty amazing person for his time, championing education and independence in many latin nations. The museum is free and we had a great tour.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Day in Rincon

{watching surfers from the lighthouse}

{Domes Beach}

{walking along the Spanish Wall}

{hmm... is Mary thinking that this is better than -18°F that is back in Michigan?} 

{Steps Beach}

{sea almond art}

Exploring Rincon seems to be a great first day for our visitors. The lighthouse is always beautiful. Today the waves were full of surfers. We had a very nice walk along the Spanish Wall and then headed to Steps for lunch and some beach play. Another beautiful day in paradise!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Exploring Ponce

{playing dominoes in the plaza}

We have a fun week ahead of us! Today we picked up our friend Mary at the airport in San Juan, our first time back to the east side of the island since we moved here last July. On our way back home we stopped at the monument to the farmers in Salinas on highway 52 and had a great walk in Ponce to see Plaza Las Delicias for the first time. The colonial buildings are so beautiful! A perfect place to stop and stretch your legs.

Friday, January 2, 2015


{dads having a turn}

{lighting sparklers}

Our little girl turned three this week! Friends came over and the kids played in the pool. Juliana was so chilled she had to find a jacket to wear. We grilled pizzas in the backyard and had fun with lots of firecrackers and sparklers. The piñata that I made with the kids was so much fun. We had to bring in a few dads to crack it open in the end. Juliana was thrilled with gifts that came from friends and family. We had a great celebration to remember her birth.

Three trips around the sun! We love you, Juliana!
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