Friday, November 27, 2015

Coco the Chubby Chicken

When Coco appeared at our house this spring he has a starving rooster, unable to forage on his own due to his clipped beak. His top beak won't grow back, so he can't pinch a whole lot of things with his beak. His breast only consisted of bone at a sharp point. Well, months later we've got a chubby rooster. Pieter faithfully feeds him every morning (perhaps a bit too much) and the kids bring him bits of bread for snacks here and there. He molted this summer and his feathers are even more beautiful. Before we could actually see lines in his feathers from when he was starving. He does a lot of clucking and cooing, loving to be around us. Most of the time you can just reach down and pick him up without any trouble. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kayaking on Thanksgiving Day

{blurry flock of West Indian Whistling Ducks, Dendrocygna arborea}

{Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis}

After breakfast Ben packed up the kayaks and both kids and took them kayaking on Caño Boquilla. Pieter had such a fun time last time, that Juliana really wanted to go, too. This time they spent a lot of time out of the kayaks on nature's jungle gym. It was a wonderful morning for them and I had a quiet house to cook our Thanksgiving meal. Definitely a win-win!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Day with Juliana

{Me: Juliana, why did you put powder all over your face? Juliana: I wanted to dress up}

Oh, this girl really does love her little friends. Feeding bread to Coco the Rooster and giving hugs to Kanu. And even sharing her crown with him. Could you be a luckier cat?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sailing Camp: Day 2

{playing with the sensitive plant, Mimosa pudica}

Today Pieter got lots of lessons sailing, including capsizing. He did that a few years ago with his Opa on Big Twin Lake in Michigan, but it wasn't on purpose then! He was nervous about it, but did it and came out like a champ. He was pretty sad about not doing any surfing today, but Meshack wasn't there, so it was all sailing. Juliana and I walked around the lighthouse, watched surfers at Domes Beach and then hung out with friends for the morning. I caught the very end of camp as they pulled the boats out. I think we are definitely going to do more camp over Christmas!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sailing Camp: Day 1

{surfing at the beginning of the morning}
{surfing like a pro by the end of the morning}

At last minute last night I decided to bring Pieter over to Rincon for the Thanksgiving Sailing Camp with Rincon Sailing. I had been slow to decide due to the drive and what to do with Juliana and myself while Pieter was busy for four and a half hours. Oh, but I'm so glad we did it! He loved it! He especially like the surfing lessons with Meshack. I couldn't believe how quickly he figured it out and was standing up on the board, wave after wave. And Juliana had a really nice time playing on the beach.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ice Skating at the Plaza

This weekend we saw some activity down at Plaza Colón. Christmas lights are going up and much to my astonishment they are all new and different from last year. I guess this is what they do every year. But this year, there is something really new: an ice skating rink! I just can't imagine the cost to keep ice going in 80-90 degree weather, but we are looking forward to spending an evening down at the Plaza doing some ice skating at Christmas! (Here is an article about this special Fantasía Navideña.)
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